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Private Golf Clubs

Why Should You Join A Private Golf Club?


There are a lot of benefits when joining a private golf club,it  is something that you should think about if you haven't already. In this article, we will look at some of the advantages that will come with investing in a membership.




It is necessary to have a legitimate handicap if you are planning to join tournaments across the country or even in your local golf club. A handicap in golfing terms is the number of strokes that a player subtracts from his total score in a round. It is a way to level out the playing field.


If you join a private san diego golf club, you would have the option to have a handicap. You just need to submit 3-5 scorecards of general play; the competition secretary will assist you on this.


This handicap will allow you to participate in club competitions, where you can practice lowering your handicap and making you a better player. A handicap is necessary for every serious golfer out there. Well, you don't literally carry it around with you... it's usually in the club house on the board with all the other members.


Practice Facilities


Most private golf clubs  have their own practice facilities such as driving nets, practice greens etc. You may use these anytime. So when you don't have the time to play a full round, you can just head to the course and practice. You'll usually find somebody else there to practice with too. A better way to practice than spending time in the driving range with compressed golf balls that don't feel like they would off the club face in a real round.


Clubhouse Facilities


There is a bar/restaurant, which usually gives you cheaper bar prices compared to guests who are not members. The clubhouse will have a locker room, so you can store your clubs in your own private locker. Something you would not get if you were not a member.


Social Events


There is always something going on socially; Special golf tournaments such as Presidents Day and Captains Day. Holiday events such as Christmas and New Year you can find parties that are hosted at the club venue. You can even use the clubhouse as a social meeting point for your friends and family.


Money Saver


Being a member of a san diego golf club means over the year you will save money, assuming you play enough. This depends on the cost of the membership and cost per round.


There are plenty of reasons for joining a golf club. So have a look around locally and check some out to see what is on offer. It's certainly a great option for the golfer wanting to have unlimited golf and plenty of other perks.